What if I lose my passcode AND my Keycard?

If you have lost or forgotten the passcode to your wallet and you've lost your Keycard then there is no way for you or for BitGo alone to recover access to your wallet. If you chose to store your wallet's backup key with one of our Key Recovery Service partners, then it's possible for BitGo and the KRS to work together to recover your wallet. The KRS will charge a fee of $99 for this service. If you would like to start with this KRS recovery process, submit a request.

  1. The username of the owner of the wallet (you)
  2. The name of the wallet 

An alternative is to try to crack your password through a wallet recovery service and have them return the coin to another bitcoin address you own. This option is possible if:

  • You own more than $100 worth of Bitcoin.
  • You have an idea of what the password may be.
  • You are willing to pay a fee to the wallet recovery service, which is usually 20% of the wallet's total funds.

Please submit a request to retrieve the necessary information to undergo a wallet recovery through the wallet recovery service.

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