Two Factor Authentication not working

If your 2FA code isn't working then here are some useful links:

1. Common issues with 2-Step Verification using Google Authenticator

2. My YubiKey is not working. What should I do?

If your Two Factor Authentication still isn't working, you can submit a request and we'll try to help!

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    roberto nunhes fernandes filho

    how can i use authy ????? i cant acces my wallet anymore...... i dont receive any message on my phone !!!!!!!!! helpppppp

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    Two step verifcation not working and tried everyting in help still cant access and phone not reconizing bar code either. I need access to my wallet ASAP please and I need to make some transactions and I'm stuck!!!! I'm very frustrated and upset at this point!

    All the best,
    Steve Heit

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    Olumide Akinyemi

    Please my google authenticator got deleted and now I can't access my account because of the 2factor code I must always generate.
    I need your assistance. What do I do? Thanks

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    Teodor Rozha

    Hello there. I tried to scan my back up key using the phone and it sais barcode error. I have bitgo keycard in pdf, I don't know why it sais invalid barcode when i try to scan it using google authentication app. Please help, i need to access my bitgo wallet as soon as possible.